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Left Right Home Party Plan Game

In this example, we used Tupperware, however, you can adjust the wording to suit your company.  Have a small inexpensive prize ready for this game. 

My friend (Hostess name) called to remind me about her Tupperware party, so I left my house and went right on over. What on earth am I going to do with another bowl? I thought to myself. Anyway, (Hostess name) was my friend, so I thought I should at least make an appearance.

She met me right at the door so I went right on in.  Well since I was a little early, I decided to flip right on through the catalog. As I looked to the right and then to the left, I was amazed at how much Tupperware had changed!! They had just the right colors to match my kitchen.

The demonstration was very informative with tips to save time, space waste and yes taste. Ice cream would no longer taste like the cardboard box and imagine the money I would save by turning leftovers into "planned overs".

Lunch from the freezer in a container I could microwave. After all my family deserves the best, right? But right then, I thought of my niece. I had been looking for just the right gift. Her wedding shower was right around the corner and I know a working newlywed would really appreciate the speed and convenience of the Stackcooker. Imagine cooking a full course meal in the microwave in less than twenty five minutes!! But just as I looked to the left was the family micro steamer, my mother is always in search of a healthier way to eat and her birthday too was right around the corner. I  certainly wouldn't want her to feel Left out.

The demonstrator explained the Tupperware's lifetime guarantee against cracking, chipping, peeling or breaking ~ WOW! ~ What a product. All that and liquid tight too, I was sold right then!

After narrowing my list to what I could afford all that was left were the gifts I had selected for other people. I didn't have the right amount of money, but she said I could write a check, pay with my debit card or credit card. Finally I left the party and headed right home.

I'm here to share with you that (name of Hostess) would like you to have the same opportunity she has been given. You'll receive a Thank you gift FREE when you host your own sales event as well as the products you want FREE. So host a demo today, your friends thank you for it. And just so you don't feel left out, be thinking of a date that would be good for me to share Tupperware with your friends so they don't feel left out!  If I forget to ask, you'll receive a free gift and that's the best part! RIGHT!

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