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Site Wide Advertising Options - Free for 3 Months

 You receive:

  • 3 Months Free Listing
  • will choose ad placement for this section.  Some button ads are sitewide others are not.  Limited space.
  • You supply the graphic ad button needed - Side buttons are 125x125 pixel and top/middle buttons are 468x60 pixel (jpeg or gif format)
  • Submit the ad in the requested format or it will not be listed
  • 1 Free Ad on only.  Please do not submit more than one ad.
  • First come, first serve. 
  • Be patient.  These are free ads!!!  We take our time adding them due to a busy schedule.
  • We will notifiy you once the ad is online.
  • We retain the right to refuse any ad we do not feel is appropriate for our website.

Special Note- Please Read Before Advertising:  Be sure you are following your companies guidelines regarding internet advertising before placing your ad.

Note:  If you are no longer with a company after we place your listing, please let us know so we can remove the ad and give the free listing to another direct selling professional.

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