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Ryte, Founding Member

New Healthy Lifestyle Company just launched in late 2014! I am looking for people across the country who want to lead their state in our company, Ryte. We currently have commitments to be a Founding Member in a little more than half of the states across the country.which means that if you aren't the first in your state, you can very well be one of the firsts! Let's face it, we all know that in direct sales, getting in on an amazing opportunity at the infancy stage could be life changing. I can guarantee Ryte will be one of the fastest growing companies in the upcoming years! Don't kick yourself later thinking you should have been a part of this!

About the business: Ryte is a company that promotes the best products for a healthy lifestyle. Including all natural, organic, gluten and GMO free, clean supplements, shakes, etc. Our products have 11 ingredients, as opposed to all other companies who have between 30-50 ingredients. We are as close to the earth as you can get. Yes, there are other companies that promote a healthy lifestyle, but what makes Ryte so special (aside from being the best product on the market) is we are set up as a benefit corporation (the 1st Direct Sales company to do so) which means we, as a company, exist to create a material positive impact on society. Our biggest goal is to give back. to community, charity, those in need.

Cost: $30 a year for website/back office.. then whatever product you purchase for yourself (between $50-$200). There are NO mandatory monthly shipments. There is a discount if you choose to get monthly shipment. Commission is paid weekly. We have a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee on initial order (that's how great the product is). Really great Comp plan. Fun rewards such as fitness accessories and many trips throughout the year. Fabulous support team to get and keep your business going!
This is going to be something special. Don't sit back and wait until there are hundreds of members.join now! (and get title of "founding member" along with some other cool perks).

I would love to speak with you about our product, our opportunity and making a positive difference in the world. 

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