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Pink Zebra

Thank You for your interest in Pink Zebra! My name is Leslie Johnson and I am an Independent Executive Consultant. I am so excited to share with you what Pink Zebra is all about! Pink Zebra is an innovative new division of a home fragrance company with products that allow you to blend scents to create your own fragrances. THE SPRINKLES ARE MY FAVORITE!

Pink Zebra offers the business opportunity that allows people to earn money in more ways than one. This is the perfect time to start your own business with Pink Zebra, whether you want to earn a little extra money or earn enough to quit your job. Pink Zebra offers you the products & tools to make that happen!

 You don't think you’re much of a sales person? Well, think again, and repeat to yourself that nothing is impossible. The word itself literally says, I’m possible! For every person you know, that one person will know over 200 more people! The possibilities are endless!! 

The cost to get started is $99 for the basic kit or $199 for larger kit (plus tax and shipping).

How much do I have to sell to stay active? $150 in a rolling 6 month period. Example, you may do $0.00 first month, $100 the next and a final month of $50 as long as it totals $150.00 during those 6 months. 

You can earn 25% $0-899… 30% $900-1999…. 35% $2000+ on your own sales and leadership bonuses of 7% on all of your personal sign ups! Please refer to our compensation plan for a detailed breakdown and incentives. All bonus pay will be payed out once a month via direct deposit or check (personal preference).

Pink Zebra not only compensates you with commissions, but they also reward PINK DOLLARS. These allow you to buy products at retail value for your inventory. Once you sell these products you get 100% commission! HOW GREAT IS THAT? HIT ALL THREE QUICK STARTS AND THE MONEY IS FLOWING!!! $$$$ (See Quick Start Brochure.) 

Finally, Pink Zebra also has a wonderful Fundraiser program where you can earn 10% of the total sales plus a possible 5%-10% bonus (depending on the amount) and the charity will get 40% back in cash!

With Pink Zebra Back Office (Zebra Net) you can easily set up "Online Parties" where it will send your customers a unique link to shop online! You can have one or have your friend “host” one! You can also to a PZ Party-on-the-Go! Fill a bag with PZsamples/catalogs/Order Forms and have friends carry it around for others to see!

You can also do vendor fairs etc. “Candle Bars” are a great way to make money! PZ is not allowed to be sold in retail locations.

Why choose Soy?  Soy wax is a favorite of environmentally conscious consumers. Made from American-grown soybeans, it's biodegradable, a renewable resource, and from a global point of view, it "supports the U.S. economy instead of foreign oil conglomerates." source Ask Yahoo!

Is there training available? Absolutely. I will train you personally! I will and can train you to be successful in your business. Whether you live close by or across the country, I will do everything I can to help you reach your personal goals. My team is about supporting each other to succeed! We have multiple Private Face book team page for training, ideas, questions and meeting other reps! You have 100% of my/our support.  Your website/Zebra Net is a low cost of $9.95 (FIRST MONTH FREE). I believe this is fair because with our unique website name customers can place orders directly with us and we will get the credit. Can't complain!

Why Choose Pink Zebra?.  I chose Pink Zebra Home because:  

  1. Ground floor opportunity stages (less than 2 years old). PZ has roughly 8,000 consultants acrossAmerica, Including Puerto Rico
  2. Products are amazing!  The reed diffusers and sprinkles are BOTH patent pending and very unique. That was extremely important to me.   T
  3. The products are highly consumable; people will reorder on a regular basis.
  4. The HEROES charity. You along with every hostess can help a single mother by just hosting a party. Hostess receives free and half priced products a single mom gets a free day of daycare and you get a paycheck. WIN, WIN and well... WIN! 
  5. I am in love with the fact that this product is made from soy, helps our American farmers and our environment, while scenting our homes.

PZ is AMAZING! The products will sell themselves; you will just have to get out there to show this!! I hope you take the time to consider becoming apart of my team & the Pink Zebra family. We, as a company, are here to support your personal dream and journey. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. 

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