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It's An Auction Home Party Plan Game

Use this fun game to increase sales and bookings.

Items Needed: 

  • Play Money
  • Prizes (2 for every 5 guests)
  • Wrap each package so guests do not know what is inside..

Distribute money as follows:

$100 for Attending the Party

$200 for Bringing a Friend

$100 for Placing an Order

$200 for Order over $40

$200 for Paying for Order at Party

$200 for Booking a Party

$300 for Booking Party to be Held Within Two Weeks

$500 for Requesting Information about Becoming a Demonstrator

After everyone has placed their orders, begin the Auction of the items wrapped. The highest bidder gets the item.

Note: You can also issue money during the party as prizes for other games you might play, someone asking questions, etc.

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