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Hostess Scavenger Hunt - Home Party Plan Game

To get your Hostess in the party spirit, give her this Hostess Scavenger Hunt. This is a list of 30 different types of people.

If she has 10 of them at her party, give her a special gift. Each person counts for only one category.

  1. A good friend
  2. A lady on a diet
  3. A relative
  4. Someone with size 9 shoes
  5. A grandmother
  6. A babysitter
  7. Someone she works with
  8. Someone who lives in a corner house
  9. Someone with a camper
  10. A former neighbor
  11. Someone with red hair
  12. An Avon Lady
  13. A neighbor
  14. Someone who books a party
  15. Someone who wears glasses
  16. A lady with a cat
  17. A person who lives in a tri-level house
  18. An old school friend
  19. A person who lives in a mobile home
  20. A mother-to-be
  21. A Sunday School teacher
  22. Someone with all daughters
  23. A secretary
  24. Someone with all sons
  25. A bowler
  26. A teacher
  27. Someone with a station wagon
  28. A person with a green car
  29. Someone who just moved
  30. A hairdresser
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